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Liquid Bubbles


In this visual digital age it's of utmost importance to have a visual brand identity and even more so to be able to manage your own companies' platforms.


Video content should therefore be mainly distributed on your own channels, but can also be marketed via paid ads and in the social media sharing economy. The video content must  be relevant from the perspective of the customer. A good content video should envision the brand identity into the daily life of your customers. Read more

When you want to commission a content video, it is important to take a step back and focus on the basics.


It is important that you first understand why you want to make video content and how you want to make it. Our task is to guide you into understanding what type of video content we should create together.


Since the work with content marketing is a long-term process, it is not necessarily the video you had in mind from the beginning that is the most important thing to start with. Read more




It is important to distinguish between the different video content productions to make sure that you start your video content production at the right end. Your work with video content productions should always have a follow-up journey or thought out plan. One of the most effective examples is the so-called Hero, Hub, Hygiene method.

High-Impact Videos

introduces your business to a large audience

Regular, Consistent Videos

Generates brand awareness and trust

through engaging content

Sought after Content 

Ensuring you are visible when 

people search related terms online






Hero videos are the big push for your brand identity, the touchdown message you want to market to the masses. This video should raise interest, be relevant and contemporary to your target audience. This video is the one that will catapult customer growth while raising brand awareness. This is the video that will be shared on socials and shown to friends, hit the headlines and go viral.


Examples of video production in this step: Brand Commercial, Brand Zizel, Direct response social, Educational 


This is the video you want when it's time to present what your brand does or offer to your customer. This video is for those who have been captivated by your Hero video to understand what you actually do or sell. It can be a video directly related to a new product or a video that describes how you can solve other needs.


Examples of video production in this step: Product spotlight, Branded content, Explainer, Educational Some



This is the video that entices trust in your brand and/or brand loyalty for those who need immersion to be able to choose your brand over others. The video answers the questions of how the technology in your products/services works, how you developed it step by step, what other customers say about the service/product and shows the people and process behind the product/service. 

Here, you showcase how your experts excel at their job in a relatable and simple way, which makes it easier for your customers to get the answers they need to purchase your service/product. This step can consist of several videos or a so-called Customer Case.


Examples of video production in this step:Customer Testimonial/Interview, Mini-Doc How to / recipe. Read more



Camera Lights


For starters, videos can help you build brand reliability. In fact, 57% of consumers say that videos gave them the trust they needed to purchase online.Adding videos on a landing page can increase conversions up to 80%, and it’s actually the type of marketing content with the highest ROI, making it an excellent investment to improve branding, boost sales, and improve conversion rates.They’re big on mobile.


YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year, and mobile will soon be the primary method of media consumption online.Because video content makes people spend more time on websites and landing pages, it’s also capable of boosting websites’ rankings on search engine pages. In fact, a website is 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if it has a video embedded in it.


When and where to publish

It is first important to understand that content marketing is not a one-time thing, it is a continuous relationship. You should plan long-term and strategize on how to enact the best strategy for your brand. 

Start simple with a three step video production to give your brand a foundation to stand on. 


Video content marketing is based simply on your target audience. Know your customer!

If your target group is Gen Z, it is important to use a shorter video format as their attention span is only 7 seconds. 


It's not the platform that should be in your focus, it's your target group and the content.


Many people dream about being on TV, but is your target group on the small screen? According to the latest statistics, people over 65 are the target group that consumes the most television. If they are your target audience you should create tv ads! If not, you should focus on more diverse platforms i.e social media.


Be in control of your media channels and mindful where you place the video content and how you distribute it. Social media is usually a good start. Read more

How do I know if I got results?

How and what you measure is what matters. You need to measure your communication to be able to prove its value and identify what is not working. In the beginning, you may not have time to measure everything or to use digital tools such as Google Analytics. Review the results that you can see without advanced software.


How many people consume your content on your channels?


How many shares, comments and repeat visitors do you get?


How visitors enter the website or directly purchase a service or product?


How many people find your brand/service or product. What are the reviews, mentions and the consumer's own words? Read more

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