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Mini-Doc videos show a part of the business that’s often ignored: The people behind the brand. What’s a company without the people that are responsible for its magic? These types of videos have the power to humanize any brand, and in this era of instant communication and constant movement, audiences crave this type of human connection with the companies they engage with. Customers like to identify with the core values behind the brands they like, the people that embody them and form a sense of familiarity. 

  • Intriguing their audience and drawing them in.

  • Reinforcing their brand values.

  • Presenting themselves as a thought leader.


When your customers is at the end of their decision-making journey, they are craving for you to give them good reasons to buy your product instead of the competition’s.They’re almost there… and what they need is precisely this: Video content that resonates with them and that provides the human connection that lets them identify with your brand.

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