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A type of marketing video that most people will already be familiar with, video ads (Brand Zizel)  or commercials remain nonetheless a powerful tool to add to your video marketing toolbox. Brand Zizel is all about your brand and products. Overtly promotional, ads are designed to ‘sell’ something to your audience – even if that something is just your company’s image.They tend to be short – as not to overstay their welcome on users’ screens – but a good ad can accomplish its goals in less than a minute, with 30 seconds being the ideal length that most video ads fall into online. Having said all that, do keep in mind that most successful video ads also include some narrative that makes them memorable and branding cues that have them feeling unmistakably yours. Anyone can make an ad that delivers information efficiently and expediently, but a great ad does so in a way viewers won’t soon forget!

  • It's funny, personable, and embraces the values of the brand and business.

  • It briefly, as a reminder, covers the products and services of the company. Which build content continuity

  • Drives new audiences to your social media platforms


For starters, Brand Zizel videos synergize extremely well with SEO strategies, making your clickable zizel videos far more engaging and compelling to target audiences and improving them overall. As for marketing goals, a great commercial can do wonders for your brand awareness, drive increased attention to your online presence (for example, by directing viewers to visit your website). They can also be a great way to introduce a new or targeted audience into your landing pages.

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