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In today’s marketing world, ignoring the power and versatility that having a social presence can bring to your strategy is not a mistake many companies can afford. As such, social videos should be a top priority for any brand trying to grow its social presence. In practical terms, these videos can share aspects with the other styles we’ve covered so far in this piece. However, the key difference is that a social video has to be tweaked from the ground up to fit the technical specs and requirements of the platform it’ll be uploaded to, and the expectations of said platform’s audience. Meaning that you wouldn’t want to upload the exact same piece to your Instagram account that you would share on your company’s Facebook page. Beyond that, social videos tend to be short – with the notable exception of content for YouTube or Facebook, whose audiences tend to like longer content. It’s also vital that these videos be uploaded natively on the platform you created them for (instead of just embedding them), as this tends to improve discoverability.

  • Easy to understand

  • Your message in first hand experience

  • You can watch the video without sound


While your social videos will provide many of the same benefits from the core style you are mixing them with, social content, in general, is great to improve audience engagement by uploading content that generates shares, likes, and comments. Social videos are also great at boosting brand awareness and redirecting traffic to your other online presence. If you’re working with videos, you’ll likely need to transcribe your audio into text for captions and beyond.

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