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Educational videos are meant to provide information to viewers, but they need to do it in an interesting and compelling way! They use certain narrative resources (like interesting graphics and a well written script) to get the audience’s attention and combine them with interesting topics their target audience will find relevant. A brand that employs these videos correctly will have its audience start seeing them as a reference in their industry, which will definitely help in building brand trust.

  • It shows a visual, step-by-step walkthrough on how to best use the product (when the images just don't cut it).

  • It reassures leads that this information will be easily accessible for them when they buy from Ikea.

  • This type of demonstration video can also be used in webinars, training or customer support.


Educational videos are a great asset to have during the customers decision making process. Your audience may not even be aware of the fact that they have a problem in need of a solution, so your job is to educate them and stir their interest enough to choose your product/service. With educational content, you’ll deliver valuable information and start their relationship with your brand on the right foot.

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