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True to the name, product videos are all about presenting your offerings to your audience in the best possible way. A staple nowadays in the e-Commerce arena, a great product video is often the next best thing online shoppers have to a hands-on experience with your product or service. Moreover, they do the job quicker and more engagingly than any text product description could ever accomplish.The best product videos are built around three key aspects: uses, context, and instructions. That is, they aim at presenting your product in a familiar context so that viewers can imagine themselves using the product themselves and enjoying its benefits. Last but not least, it’s not uncommon to have these videos deliver relevant instructions or vital information to add value to the content and increase the benefits your viewers can reap from watching.

  • It really gives you the sensation of using the product. You can imagine it on your fingers and lips.

  • It's integrated seamlessly and unobtrusively into the site: visitors don't even have to click play.

  • We see a real person using the product, authentically illustrating how to use it.


First and foremost, awesome product videos are great to improve consumer confidence in your products and brand as a whole. Also, these videos excel at getting your prospects closer to a purchase decision by putting your product and its benefits in the spotlight. Lastly, when done right, these videos tend to perform really well in terms of organic positioning. They tend to attract lots of attention and rank higher on search engines like YouTube’s result pages, potentially improving your overall reach and nurturing a new target audience.

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