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Often, one of the most challenging parts of connecting with an audience for a brand is to explain the value behind their product simply and engagingly. Luckily, explainer videos are perfect for that! They’re short marketing videos that are used to describe a company’s product, service, or message. Explainers are simple, powerful, informational, and engaging, and they’re also one of the most valuable resources for marketers right now.These types of marketing videos work by tackling a specific customer problem, followed by an explanation of the company’s solution to it, which is, of course, the best solution your audience can find on the market.


  • Emphasises the target audience's problems and their solution.

  • Gets across the brand's look, tone and values.

  • Shows screenshots of the product in action.


Explainer videos are perfect for building trust for your customers when they are on their decision-making journey. Your future customers are evaluating different ways of solving their problems. With an explainer, you can show them why the solution you’re giving them is the best alternative around.

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