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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

When you undertake the mission to take your content marketing to the next level, your obvious choice is visual media, as it's the most consumed marketing method right now. What often gets missed when envisioning a video marketing plan, is the strategy.

While video content is essential for any modern business marketing, it is quite an expensive and resource heavy endeavor. And therefore it is super important to distinguish between different video content productions to make sure that you start your video marketing strategy at the right end. Your work with video content productions should always have a follow-up journey and/or a well thought out strategy.

One of the most fruitful methods to start strategizing, is to think through the so-called triangle of visualization. In this blogpost I will walk you through the strategy behind the triangle of visualization.


High-Impact Videos

Who doesn't want to make an impact? We all want to make an impression especially when we are doing business. A high impact video should be viewed as your brand going to the MET-gala, wearing the designer clothes tailor made just for your company, creating worldwide headlines and selling the image you want to project. The aim for such videos is introducing your business to a large audience creating a buzz beyond your target group horizons.

Regular, Consistent Videos

In a world moving as fast as ours, consistency and creativity is vital to stay on top of things. Therefore it's of utmost importance to create a video marketing strategy which is sustainable and well thought out. After all, it's not everyday you strut down the red carpet, and your audience will also want to relate to your brand on a personal level. So building on the star power created by a high impact video you want to fill the feeds with personable video content, which at its core generates brand awareness and trust while also being thought provoking.

Sought after Content

Life is about making the right choices, and this also applies to shopping! The image you project from your high impact videos to your regular content should all have a lifestyle in mind. The associations you create when your audience visualizes your brand is everything, so you have to ensure that the algorithms point them in the right direction. So that your brand is seen with its counterparts when the audience makes their lifestyle choices.


The triangle of visualization triangulates to three different types of videos, listed below. And even though this concept doesn't apply to every video marketing strategy, it is essential to keep these types of content in mind when embarking on the journey to create your brands visual identity.


Hero videos are the big push for your brand identity, the touchdown message you want to market to the masses. This video should raise interest, be relevant and contemporary to your target audience. This video is the one that will catapult customer growth while raising brand awareness. This is the video that will be shared on socials and shown to friends, hit the headlines and go viral.


This is the video you want when it's time to present what your brand does or offer to your customer. This video is for those who have been captivated by your Hero video to understand what you actually do or sell. It can be a video directly related to a new product or a video that describes how you can solve other needs.


This is the video that entices trust in your brand and/or brand loyalty for those who need immersion to be able to choose your brand over others. The video answers the questions of how the technology in your products/services works, how you developed it step by step, what other customers say about the service/product and shows the people and process behind the product/service. With this type of video you are creating the trust needed for your customers to purchase your service/product.



We at On Nox are starting to promote visual marketing strategies because of our experience working in the industry, as we often get requests without a well thought out plans of action. By providing this resource, we are hoping to entice our partners, customers and new prospects to create more cost effective and sustainable visual marketing strategies.

Read more about how we work with visualization or reach out for a introduction meeting

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